Soutien aux personnes ayant des attirances non désirées envers le même sexe et une identité sexuelle confuse

De nombreuses personnes éprouvant de telles difficultés désirent avoir de l’aide pour surmonter leurs sentiments. Cela peut être motivé par des problèmes de santé, des croyances religieuses, ou simplement par préférence personnelle. Ces personnes sont actuellement délaissées et on leur refuse l’accès à des services, sauf si elles acceptent ces sentiments non désirés. De nombreux gouvernements veulent interdire tout counseling ou thérapie relative à cette question. En raison de la culture séculière agressive qui s’est développée envers ceux qui ne veulent pas endosser l’homosexualité, ou l’idéologie transsexuelle, les gens n’ont nulle part où aller.

L’IFTCC a été créée afin d’aider les gens à trouver le soutien qu’ils recherchent en leur donnant accès à une « liste préférentielle » de conseillers. Ces conseillers soutiennent les lignes directrices et la position morale de l’IFTCC, ainsi que les buts et la vision du monde de ceux qui cherchent de l’aide. Ils valorisent l’autonomie du client.

Nous travaillons avec des praticiens expérimentés du monde entier afin de nous assurer que les gens aient accès au soutien dont ils ont besoin. Nous existons également pour contribuer à favoriser la collégialité et les réseaux d’encadrement qui encouragent des services professionnels, transparents et responsables.


Ce qu’on dit de nous

"The reason for my transgenderism was the fact that I didn’t feel like a man... doesn’t a person have the right to actually go and seek help to change their orientation if it’s causing them distress? Today it’s good … I feel secure in my masculinity. …. at this point in my life I’m happy being a man for the first time in a long time."


"There are indeed people who are critical of my journey. They don't agree, and they don't believe in change. I, however, respond that my life is more honest now."


"My gay affairs once worked for me like drugs work for an addict. I wanted to compensate my bad feelings …. Today I rather face my bad feelings."


"I wasn’t born with these desires but they grew as a result of bullying and exclusion as a teenager."

David (45)

"I found that people who have decided to live as a homosexual got all the support they needed but the people that decided [to] change their lifestyle had no real help."


"It is ironic that a society that prides itself on individual liberty wants to enforce its values on others."

Mohammed (24 years)

"They provide me tremendous assistance with unwanted same sex attraction and my mental, emotional and psychological health had improved remarkably."

Tzvii (32 years)

"This therapy does not attempt to change an individual from being gay to being straight but rather it helps an individual heal from past hurts and fears."

Callum (41 years)

"I have the right to pursue truth and happiness as I understand it; and that is what this therapy has allowed me to do."


"I find it unacceptable that bigoted, intolerant people are seeking to disallow others their truth and their happiness, by seeking to ban this type of therapy."

Male, 40

"'It is not the case that sexual orientation is immutable or might not vary to some extent in a person’s life.' Position Statement PS02/2014 April 2014"

Royal College of Psychiatrists

"My abuse had occurred at an age of ego formation …. negating my normal sexual evolution as a heterosexual male, to be replaced with a sense of non-being, genderless, neither male nor female. [I] sought in vain to find happiness in gay-affirming society and active gay life over the course of 20 years."

Phil, 60

"I do not identify with gay culture, and I don’t want to engage in gay life any more."

Male, 40

"It’s so unfortunate that it took me so long to get this ... therapy. It’s just exactly what I would have loved to have had in my late teens. It would have been the answer to all my questions."

Denis (38 years)

Harcèlement & intimidation

Have you experienced harassment or bullying related to your desire to give up unwanted behavior?

Sometimes those who choose to take a new orientation or leave some LGBT communities experience a lot of intolerance and aggression. What was your experience? (Confidentiality will be fully respected).