2023 9th Annual Conference Programme Released

by Staff Writer

October 25, 2023

The organising committee of the 9th  Annual IFTCC conference ‘Turning the Tide’ has released the full conference programme.  A shortened version of the programme is available for download, below 

Download Short Programme 

There are 37 sessions being offered from 23 speakers at the 2.5 day event in Poland from 27-29th 0ctober.  More than 200 participants are expected and the event is preceded by the International Strategic Development Day for more than 60 Christian leaders from around the world. This year 34 countries are being represented.

New Commers and First-Time Speakers

This year we welcome several new speakers, including researcher Dr Amy Hamilton (US) Barrister Christopher Brohier (AU) from the Australian Christian Lobby, along with Glenn Stanton, author and Director of Global Family Formation Studies st Focus on the Family in the USA. Also from the US are Dr Floyd Godfrey, a therapy and counselling educator and therapist Andrew Rodriguez.  Also from the USA is Glenn. We are also welcoming Rev’d Tryphena Law Pek Leng from Malaysia and Dr Szymon Grzelak Prevention Specialist, from Poland.  X-Out-Loud’s Victor Novitchi from Malta will also speak. Finally Gabriele Kuby well known author will be represented by a pre-recorded presentation, as illness has prevent her in-person attendance.

Returning Speakers

We highly value the experience of trauma specialist and activist-author, Dr Ann Gillies (CA), therapist-author Bryan Shen from Singapore, therapist researcher Dr Christophe Rosik (US) and Paediatric Endochrinologist Dr me. Quentin Van Meter. We anticipate a contribution from Shlomo Zalman Jessel the Israeli Narrative Therapist, who along with and additional three participants from Israel, are prevent from travel because of the war in that region. Longtime contributors, Dr Laura Haynes (US), Professor Carolyn Pela (US), Alexis Lundh (NO), and Pastors Elizabeth Woning and Ken Williams are returning contributing speakers and are all highly appreciated.

Recorded Sessions and the IFTCC Curriculum

The programme allows for the greatest level of selection from participants since all pathways sessions – happening simultaneously – are recorded along with the plenary presentations.  Attendees have free access to IFTCC Learning for the 2023-2024 curriculum, meaning not every session has to be attended but can be reviewed from late November.  We are grateful for the film team that makes this possible. The new IFTCC Framework displays the current 2023-2024 Curriculum Framework

Download the IFTCC Curriculum Framework, here.

More detailed descriptions of all the competencies (offered at Basic (A) Intermediate (B) and Advanced (C) Levels  reflected in the Framework Competenciesare available for download at the link above.  This indicate that the conference presentations are linked into the IFTCC framework and therefore well placed to contribute to the continuing professional development of all – specialists and the general public.

Staff Writer, October 2023

The IFTCC exists to help anyone experiencing unwanted relational and sexual behaviours, attractions and patterns. We are developing a worldwide network of highly-skilled practitioners, counsellors and therapists in offering research-based, scientifically grounded practise, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards.

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2023 9th Annual Conference Programme Released

2023 9th Annual Conference Programme Released

There are 37 sessions being offered from 23 speakers at the 2.5 day event in Poland from 27-29th 0ctober.  More than 200 participants are expected ...
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