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*The term “Conversion Therapy” was first used by a gay activist, Dr Douglas Haldemen and is intended to be pejorative. It is a term imposed on any person or organisation that does not suport the normalisation of homosexuality or approves the association of gender with bilogical sex, thus rejecting Queer Theory. Neither Core Issues Trust nor the IFTCC practise “Conversion Therapy” neither do they promote any one “exotic” therapeutic or counselling approach. This series is dedicated to exposing why “Conversion Therapy” is a threat to the democratic rights and freedoms of our societies and to the mental health of our people.

Thinking Gay | IFTCC LIVE | Episode 1 | Unmasking Media Impersonations

In the first of a series entitled “Thinking Gay” Laura Haynes and Mike Davidson respond to reporter Emily Sergent’s Times Magazine Podcast “Thinking Straight”. Episode 1 is subtitled “Unmasking Media Impersonations Challenging Therapeutic Choice” The episode examines an article published by the Times Magazine on Saturday 31 July: “Gay conversion therapy: my underecover investigation”. The presenters are joined by three X-Out-Loud community members, Matthew Grech, Viktor Moozz and Rob Cheyne. Issues relating to the misuse of research, freedom of coscience and religion and viewpoint discrimination are highlighted.

Thinking Gay | IFTCC Live | Episode 2 | Fake History and Fabricated Testimony

Trauma Therapist Dr Ann Gillies with Marriage and Family Therapist David Pickup join Mike Davidson and Luara Hanyes together with former Transgender Libby Littlewood to respond to “Thinking Straight” Part 2 by Emily Sargent.

Thinking Gay | IFTCC Live | Episode 3 | What’s so Secretive?

Simon Freelove and Matthew Grech from X-Out-Loud join Laura Haynes and Mike Davidson to review Emily Sargent’s “Thinking Straight (Part 2) Undercover) which claims she is breaking ground in exposing “extremely secretive” activities that she calls “conversion therapy”. But where’s the secret? Counselling and therapeutic help from those moving away from unwanted same-sex attractions is not secret.

Thinking Gay: Is Counselling Harmful?

X-Out-Loud forerunners, Libby Littlewood and Kiran Toor join Mike Davidson and Laura Haynes to review Emily Sargent’s episodes 3rd and 4th of her podcast “Thinking Straight”. On what basis is counselling being classed as dangerous or harmful?

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