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IFTCC Conference 2018

Video of sessions: Budapest, October 2018


The below videos are footage from the 4th IFTCC conference, held in Budapest, Hungary in October 2018. The event was streamed live on Facebook Live and can also be found on our Facebook page.


Welcome: 4th IFTCC conference – Dr Mike Davidson

Dr Mike Davidson (IFTCC Chairman) introduces the conference.



Transgender Case Studies – Dr (Med) Christl Vonholdt

“What is Transgender?” Retired paediatrician, Dr (med) Christl Vonholdt explores two case-studies.



Re-integrative Therapy – Tim Long

Tim Long talks on “The Practical Work of Re-integrative (ie Reparative) Therapy for men struggling with unwanted SSA”



The Terrible Fraud of Transgender Medicine: Dr Quentin Van Meter

Dr Quentin Van Meter, Paediatric Endocrinologist talks about the rise of, and fraudulent nature of, “transgender” medicine.



Greetings from the Alliance (USA) – Dr Keith Vennum



Narrative Therapy and SSA Women – Prof. Carolyn Pela

Carolyn Pela, PHD (LMFT) discusses the way in which Narrative Therapy might be useful for female clients having SSA.



The Essential Work of Identity: Changing How the Client Sees Him/Herself – Shlomo Zalman Jessel

Shlomo Zalman Jessel speaks about Narrative Therapy in working with same-sex attracted clients.



Transgender in the UK: A Personal Story – Andrea Williams

Christian Concern’s CEO Andrea Williams speaks to Nigel and Sally Rowe about their experience on the Isle of Wight.