The legislative proposal of the German Bundestag “zum Schutz vor Konversionsbehandlungen” prohibits “conversion practices” in minors and also public “promotion” of “conversion practices”. This will lead to a painful lack of knowledge about the nature of change-allowing counselling which is not about “fixing”, but about exploring possible underlying issues and sexual attraction fluidity potential. As a result, many more people will suffer. The main claim for the proposal – that change-allowing counselling is “dangerous” – is completely unfounded.

The proposal is an irresponsible intrusion into the private lives of vulnerable citizens who experience unwanted sexual attraction or gender identity confusion in that it will prevent them from knowing about change-allowing counselling and finding appropriate help.

If the proposal will be adopted, it will be a very sad day for Germany, for democratic rights, for civil liberties and freedom of choice. 

You can read our response here:

IFTCC Stellungnahme zum Gesetzentwurf des Deutschen Bundestages (4. Mai 2020) Deutsch

IFTCC Statement on Legislative Proposal of the German Bundestag (4th May 2020) English


Image: courtesy Wolfgang Pehlemann  2009 – license CC-by-sa V. 3.0/de