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IFTCC Conference 2019

The below videos are footage from the 5th IFTCC conference, held in Budapest, Hungary in November 2019.


Welcome to the 5th Annual 2019 IFTCC Conference

Introduction and welcome from Dr Mike Davidson, chair of the IFTCC. Dr. Davidson remembers Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s advice regarding the role of the state and the meaning of resistance.



Introduction to the Issues of the Conference: Dr (med) Christl Vonholdt

Christl Vonholdt calls us to return to the foundations of our work.



The Importance of Integrity and Professionalism: Dr (med) Keith Vennum

Keith Vennum reminds us of the professional boundaries of careful work.



Preferred Provider Programme: Mike Davidson PhD

The need to develop a “preferred provider” list of those in our field is considered followed by an introduction to the workshop leaders who present at the 5th annual IFTCC conference.



Image Transformation Therapy – Theory and Practice, Part 1: Robert Vazzo

Robert Vazzo uses the ITT protocol to illustrate this therapy approach.


Image Transformation Therapy – Theory and Practice, Part 2: David Pickup Therapy

using a simulated session, David Pickup demonstrates how ITT might be used.


Protecting the Right to Therapy: Laura Haynes PhD

Dr Laura Haynes clarifies why therapy bans are political initiatives and exposes the inconsistencies of the trend to outlaw therapeutic choice.



Reintegrative Therapy – The Dynamic Assertion Protocol: Tim Long

Tim Long shows the wide relevance, for a range of issues, of this approach.


Protecting the Public Space from Aggressive Ideologies: Andrea Williams.

Andrea Williams introduces two clients and from a legal perspective examines their plights in the context of the UK’s eroding freedom in the country’s public space. She offers warnings for other nations.



My Daddy’s Secret: Denise Shick

Denise Shick shares her own story of the impact of a parent who left the home to explore their transgender aspirations.



Questions to Speakers

Conference participants raise a range of questions to the speakers of the 2019 conference.


Do’s and Don‘ts for Counselling Men with SSA : Robert Vazzo

Robert Vazzo addresses the issue of “harm” pointing out pitfalls in counselling and therapeutic work.


Signing of Declaration

The IFTCC 2019 Declaration was signed on Sunday 17th November, 2019 and is available here


IFTCC Conference 2019 Highlights

Responses from some of the conference attendees.

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