IFTCC visits German Embassy in London

Thursday, 2nd May 2019

In a letter to the German government, the IFTCC responds to the proposed ban of therapeutic choice.

You can read the letter below, or download the pdf version.


Germany wants to ban therapeutic choice



Ambassador Dr. Peter Wittig
German Embassy
23 Belgrave Square, Belgravia, London SW1X 8PZ, United Kingdom
London, May 2, 2019

Dear Dr. Wittig,


We are writing to you regarding the intention of Jens Spahn, the Minister for Health in the government of Germany, to ban therapy and counselling for unwanted same-sex attraction and transgender identification this year. We note that Mr Spahn has been quoted in the British press as saying that he does not believe in such therapies as follows: “I do not believe in these therapies, mainly owing to my own homosexuality.” Such a narrow approach based on one person’s individual experience cannot be a justifiable basis for changing the public policy and laws of an entire country. We say this especially because there is solid evidence that persons who have experienced change in sexual attraction from homosexual to heterosexual are more likely to believe that some people can change than those who lack such experience (see Appendix 1).

Everyone has the legal right to live his or her life identifying as LGBT. At the same time no one has the right to prevent others from ceasing to live as LGBT people and to move into other sexual identities, attractions and behaviours. Current science shows that there is substantially more fluidity in people’s sexual attraction, behaviour and identity than previously thought (see Appendix 2). If changes are occurring naturally, why is it then so difficult to acknowledge that some people can be their own agents of change in a process assisted by therapy and counselling? Contrary to some claims publicly made by gay activists, there is no proof that the use of standard methods in psychotherapy and counselling for unwanted same-sex attraction is harmful.

Jens Spahn is on record as calling therapeutic treatment of unwanted same-sex attraction ‘nonsense’ and ‘a form of torture’. This is the dishonest propaganda of ILGA. It is based upon the false and dishonest notion invented by gay activists that talking therapies follow on from controversial physical treatments of homosexuality practiced in the postwar period by some psychiatrists such as hormone treatment, castration, electroshocks and forms of aversion therapy (see Appendix 3). Licensed therapists and counsellors do not offer any such physiological treatments.

It is absurd: Adolescents and adults who experience themselves to be the wrong biological sex are allowed to block the onset of puberty, remove breasts and surgically alter genitalia, while others are to be prohibited from even talking to a licensed counselor in a way that can promote change of their unwanted same-sex attractions and behavior.

Removing therapeutic choice violates client’s right to self-determination including the right to determine their sexual orientation, professional freedom, religious freedom, free speech, and the right of ex-LGBT people to respect for private and family life. It has the potential to cause discrimination and even persecution against ex-LGBT people of all faiths and those who provide pastoral care for them. In light of this, several people who have experienced change would be happy to meet with you personally.

For voices from Germany, see here: https://www.voicesofthesilenced.com/#StimmenAusDeutschland

Germany’s crucial role in the European and other international institutions and its location at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe means that it is today in a unique position to resist the one-sided onslaught of ‘conversion therapy bans’, and instead to provide an enlightened example of toleration and mutual coexistence to other countries. We sincerely hope and trust that as ministers of the German government you will do that.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Michael Davidson
Chairman, IFTCC

Dr. Christl Ruth Vonholdt
Vice Chairman, IFTCC


Appendix 1
Sabra L. Katz-Wise and Janet S. Hyde, ‘Sexual Fluidity and Related Attitudes and Beliefs Among Young
Adults with a Same-Gender Orientation’, Archives of Sexual Behaviour 44(5), July 2015, 1459–1470.

Appendix 2
Diamond, Lisa (2016), “The existing body of international research assessing sexual attractions,
behaviours and identities among representative samples of adolescents and adults shows that sexual
orientation is not a static and categorical trait. Rather, same-sex sexuality shows substantial fluidity in
both men and women.”
Diamond, L., Sexual Fluidity in Male and females. Curr Sex Health Rep (2016) 8:249-256, 249. DOI:

Appendix 3

Douglas C. Haldeman, ‘The practice and ethics of sexual orientation conversion therapy’, Journal of
Counseling and Clinical Psychology, 62(2), 1994, 221-227.

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