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IFTCC launch event

Video of sessions: London 2018


The below videos are footage from the official launch of the IFTCC on October 15th 2018 in London. The event was streamed live on Facebook Live and can also be found on our Facebook page.


Introduction – Dr Mike Davidson

Dr Mike Davidson (IFTCC Chairman) introduces the IFTCC



The Right to Therapy – Dr Laura Haynes

Dr Laura Haynes addresses the right individuals have to access professional help for unwanted same-sex attraction.



The Rise of Transgender Medicine – Dr Quentin Van Meter, MD

Dr Quentin Van Meter, MD talks abut his time at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Dr John Money



Transgender: The Life Story of a Woman – Dr (Med) Christl Vonholdt

Paediatrician Dr (Med) Christl Vonholdt shares a case study with the IFTCC.



Therapy and Homosexuality in the UK – Dr Carys Moseley

Dr Carys Moseley speaks about the historical precedents for therapeutic interventions in same-sex attractions in the UK and related issues.



A Legal Perspective – Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern talks of the legal difficulties facing doctors and other clients who dare to speak the scientific truth about transgender ideology – where this can lead to dismissal.



Full launch event video (3h20m)

The full video of the 3hr launch event in London.