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The Psychopathology of “Sex Reassignment” Surgery

Dr Richard P. Fitzgibbons MDPhilip M. SuttonDale O’Leary

“Is it ethical to perform a surgery whose purpose is to make a male look like a female or a female to appear male? Is it medically appropriate? Sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) violates basic medical and ethical principles and is therefore not ethically or medically appropriate” write Fitzgibbons et al. (National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 9.1 (Spring 2009): 97–125.)

They note that gender reassignment surgery “mutilates a healthy, non-diseased body”, and question whether this violates the principle of “do no harm”.

Their article examines questions of disordered perception of self, lack of secure attachment relationships, gender identity disorder, body image issues, addiction to masturbation / fantasy, anger, and parental psychopathology.

They conclude that “SRS does not accomplish what it claims to accomplish. It does not change a person’s sex; therefore, it provides no true benefit.”

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