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Protecting the right to therapy in the UK

Laura Haynes PhD


Everyone has the right to walk away from sexual practices and experiences that don’t work for them and should have support to do so.

Here are 4 common reasons why people want to resolve their unwanted same-sex attractions, as expressed by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr., leading Reintegrative Therapist:


Reason for Therapy:

  • Unfulfilling

    Some men and women adopted a gay identity and had gay experiences. But they ultimately found it unfulfilling for themselves.

  • Sexual Abuse

    Some individuals were sexually abused when they were young, resulting in conflict, confusion, and unwanted same-sex attractions they wish to resolve as adults. They’re not alone. In a statement in 2014, the American Psychological Association agreed that indeed, people with unwanted sexual attractions may have developed these attractions as the result of childhood sexual abuse.

  • Personal Beliefs

    There are people whose ethics and beliefs tell them they were created heterosexual. Everyone’s personal beliefs and decisions should be respected as their right. For example, many Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims believe they were created heterosexual. Respect for the tenets of these beliefs means these individuals have the freedom to pursue the life and goals they choose for themselves.

  • Save Marriage & Family

    Some are in opposite-sex relationships with a spouse and children they love, and they want help not to stray in order to save their family and be full time mums and dads.


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