Annual Conference 2019

Annual Conference 2019   “In Search for Identity as Man and Woman: How Can We Offer Help to Those Who … read more

Annual Conference 2018

“The Body, Identity and Sexuality: Gender Identity Confusion and Counselling Support” 4th IFTCC Annual Conference Hungary, October 2018   Main Speakers: Dr … read more

IFTCC Launch

IFTCC Launch Monday 15th October 2018 The recently registered International Federation For Therapeutic and Counselling Choice was launched at an open … read more

IFTCC Conference

Annual Conference 2017

“Attraction, Avoidance and Dependence: What is Love?” 3rd IFTCC Annual Conference Slovakia, November 2017   Main Speakers: Dr Janelle Hallman Stefan Schmidt … read more

IFTCC Conference

Annual Conference 2016

Broadening Perspectives on Same-sex Attractions 2nd IFTCC Annual Conference Hungary, September 2016   Main Speaker: Dr Joseph Nicolosi  

IFTCC Conference

Annual Conference 2015

Identity and Sexuality 1st IFTCC Annual Conference Germany, April 2015   Main Speakers: Dr M Davidson Floyd Godfrey Dr Christopher Rossik