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IFTCC Conference 2021 - Hungary

Supporting and Counselling those leaving LGBT Identities and Behaviours

How can we safeguard basic human rights to live in harmony with our deeply held beliefs and values – when therapeutic choice is under threat? What are the legal challenges? What is the role of research? Science confirms that same-sex attractions and transgender conditions are not simply inborn. Relational trauma may have a significant impact on the development of personal and sexual identity. It is becoming increasingly difficult for strugglers to find appropriate, evidence-based, accountable support. There is a great need for professionally sound and ethically grounded, research- based modalities of therapy and counselling. Our conference will look at several approaches and possibilities through a wide range of talks, workshops, discussion and networking.

* The IFTCC does not promote any one modality of therapeutic support. We explore a range of standard psychotherapeutic and counselling approaches for the purpose of supporting those with undesired same-sex attraction and gender confusion. The opinions expressed and approaches recommended by presenters are not necessarily endorsed by the IFTCC Executive and working group committees.

Role of Activism in Awakening Societies
| Jojo Ruba, Andrea Williams & Elizabeth Woning


Gender as Mission & the Rise of the East
| Dr Melvin Wong​


Sexual Attraction Fluidity and Wellbeing in Men
| Prof Carolyn Pela​
Emotional Integration, Same-Sex Attraction, and OCD
| Michael Gasparro​


Working Meaningfully with Women with Unwanted Same-sex Attraction
| Rev Elizabeth Woning​


Effectiveness and Alleged Harms from Change Allowing Therapies
| Sullins & Rosik​
Practical Applications of OCD Interventions for SSA-Focussed OCD
| Michael Gasparro​


Minority Stress Theory: Limitations & Alternatives
| Dr Christopher Rosik​


Understanding Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder
| Ann E. Gillies​
Correcting a False Research Narrative: SOCE, Minority Stress and Suicide
| Prof Paul Sullins​


The Role of Pastoral Care and Counselling
| Matthew Grech, Jojo Ruba, Ansel Pronk, Elizabeth Woning, Nausica Della Valle​


Q & A
| All speakers
Same Sex Parenting and the Impact on Children
| Prof Paul Sullins​


Transgender Identity: Safety & Effectiveness of Medical Gender Interventions
| Dr Laura Haynes


The Legal Perspective
| Dr Felix Boellmann, Ole Gramstad Jensen, John Steenhof, Andrea Williams, Roger Kiska​

Speakers' Profiles

Rev Elizabeth Woning

Co-founder of both Equipped To Love and the CHANGED Movement. Serves Moral Revolution as a Lecturer and Minister, and Pastor at Bethel Redding.


Professor Paul Sullins

Retired Professor of Sociology at the Catholic University of America. Currently Research Professor and Director of the Leo Initiative for Social Research.

Dr Laura Haynes

Dr Laura Haynes

Clinical Psychologist, Chair of Research and Legislative Policy of the National Task Force for Therapy Equality and IFTCC General Board member.


Jojo Ruba

Calgary-based Christian Advocate and Youth Leader who is at the forefront of the opposition against conversion bans at various levels of government across Canada. He started Free to Care, in 2020.


Dr Felix Boellmann

serves as a Senior Counsel, Europe and ADF International leading the advocacy team in Vienna, focusing on national litigation across Europe and advocacy in the German and Russian-speaking world.


Roger Kiska

Solicitor, member of the Michigan State Bar, legal counsel for the Christian Legal Centre and has expertise before the European Court of Human Rights and Court of Justice of the European Union.


Dr Christopher Rosik

Clinical and Research Psychologist in Fresno, California, and Clinical Faculty member at Fresno Pacific University. He has served as President of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the National Association of Social Workers.


John Steenhof

Principal Lawyer and Director of the Human Rights Law Alliance in Australia, with a focus on the fundamental rights of religious freedom and freedom of expression.


Nausica Della Valle

A well-known TV personality, actress and singer and now an author. In her book, she tells of her personal experience with the Lord Jesus Christ, and of her life before and after the special encounter with Jesus.


Dr Melvin Wong

Psychologist specialised in Clinical Psychology. He is a mental health professional with highly specialised training in the diagnosis and psychological treatment of mental, behavioural and emotional illnesses, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).


Michael Gasparro

registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist & Professional Clinical Counsellor. He works at the Breakthrough Clinic in California. He works with and is trained under Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior, who is the originator of the Reintegrative Therapy approach. Michael is an expert in reintegrative therapy.


Ole Gramstad Jensen

Lawyer from Oslo, Norway, who leads Til Helhet, a church-based organisation supporting family values and Orthodox teaching on human sexuality.

Prof. Carolyn Pela

Professor Carolyn Pela

Assistant Dean and Head of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, also Chair of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Arizona Christian University. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist.


Dr Ann E. Gillies

PhD (CA), a retired marriage, family and trauma therapist.

Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams

Barrister, Campaigner, and Activist with a special concern for human rights in the context of freedom of speech, religious freedom, and freedom of conscience. She is CEO of the Christian Legal Centre and of Christian Concern.


Ansel Pronk

former homosexual, now married with three children, has worked for Youth with a Mission and served in Nigeria for many years, both in education and practical assistance.


Matthew Grech

Once gay, now co-director of the charity Core Issues Trust and co-director of X-Out-Loud, supporting men and women overcoming same-sex attraction.


X-Out-Loud: Emerging Ex-LGBT Voices


X Out Loud book

Buy the book featuring 44 unique stories from 22 countries of men and women leaving LGBT identities. This collection of testimonies proves that change becomes possible when we encounter the risen Saviour.


The UK Heroes film

“The UK Heroes” is a unique collection of seven life stories of men and women leaving LGBT in the UK: Simon, Kiran, Sam, Libby, Christian, Tia, Rob. Their life experience and worldview challenges the status quo and the mainstream narrative on human sexuality and development. These individuals have their own personal goals and dreams in life. Leaving LGBT meant that they can be one step closer to realising their vision for life.

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